Life at Alex

Some images and memories from England AFB, Alexandria Louisiana.

a37alexNoisy[s.JPG (62349 bytes)

Remember how serene the sound was?

Click here for an audio file of the way we wished it sounded, (might take a few seconds to load).
Audio experts will recognize it as the sound of a Pratt & Whitney F-100 engine inside an F-16C at Shaw AFB taking off in full AB and passing directly overhead.


a37alexChampag[s.JPG (52132 bytes)

In this shot from left to right:
Dennis Selvig partakes of the "End of tour Champagne" while Dick McCarl (Dicky Mop) plays photographer.  "Froggy" Gledhill congratulates Dennis' student on surviving another flight with his instructor.  VNAF students on the right.   Time frame -- late 1974.


tunastumpy[s.JPG (74610 bytes)
Here's a rough bunch of Fighter Pilots!  Charlie "Tuna" Wilson, Jimmy Bankers, Vern "Stumpy" Bowen, Dave Anderson, John "Lambo" Lamb.  Photo by Lambo.


a-37range[S.JPG (75373 bytes)

"Gonzo Flight, this is Gonzo Lead......  Everybody spread out and help me find the target.  It's supposed to be right here!"  Photo by Lambo.