A-37's in the Chile Air Force

By Major Walter Fornet

These were taken over Torres del Paine National Park, (chilean Patagonia) with the Grey Glacier as background, and the others near Fitz Roy Peak, at the south Ice Camp, just north of this park. The Air Force does an annual Ice campaign over there, for scientific purposes, (you can see some tents on the ground)....and some not so sane people have tried to cross it by foot, with not very happy endings. You would not believe the area that covers this ice sheet until you see it. With the little fighter on the scene, you can get some idea, although you can just visualize 1/4 of the whole thing.

I will leave you a challenge on reviewing the pics....see something strange under the wings.....

In addition to the above, I will send you two links. One is to the official AF website, that has some info on the jet, ( you can practice your spanish with it) and another link, with the unofficial info, which has a lot more in english.

In this one, you will find a lot of info on the history of the jet in Chile and the background of the squadron.

I want to thank Ollie on the shipment sent. I was very happy with the newsletters and appreciate the patch and info sent on the clothing part.

Little info on the SQ.

It began its history in Punta Arenas and started with F-80. After that, it received the A-37 and has been flying this jet for the past 15 years. We have two versions, the A-37 and the OA-37. I suppose you know the differences between them. We receive the young pilots that finish that tactical course in the north of the country, so we have the "nice" challenge to teach and trainvery young people, (22-25 years). This is my second tour in the squadron.

Our normal training is oriented toward day and night attack missions, as well as ground troop support, with ground army or navy FAC.

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Major Fornet,

    Thank you for some of the most stunning photographs ever taken for the A-37!  We all appreciate your contribution to the A-37 Association Web Site.