A-37 Photo Gallery

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A-37 Wind Tunnel Tests, NASA photo.
The A-37 underwent wind tunnel tests for its thrust reversers in 1968.  For a full sized picture and facts on the test, follow this NASA link.

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Hurlburt's A-37 Display
Contributed by Pat McAdoo.

This Dragonfly is beautifully presented.  Pat took this photo on the first day it was open for public display.

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"Wearing her ribbons."
Contributed by Pat McAdoo.

        Hurlburt's bird is wearing the well earned

Air Force
Outstanding Unit Award

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"Arriving for Combat Duty."

This bird just got off the C-141 and is getting ready for its first flight in theater.  This is an "A" model.

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The Rarest of the Rare.
A sky blue A-37.
by Ollie Maier.

These birds were part of a special test to see if this paint job would reduce the chance of getting hit by ground fire.  As you can see, it was a good color selection.

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These pictures are some of the few known pictures in existence of a sky blue A-37.  You can pick up many a book on fighters and not find a single picture of an A-37.  A picture of it wearing these colors is really special.  Our sincere thanks goes to Ollie Maier for providing these.

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At altitude and moving out.
This sky blue bird has leveled out and is "On the step."

This is a scan of a slide and the results are a little blurry, but the effect is interesting.

Most display aircraft sit a little nose high.  This picture displays the Dragonfly's attitude in action.  Flat and moving out.

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Fighter Pilot and Fighter!

Ollie Maier, fighter pilot and founder of the
A-37 Association.

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Sky blue A-37 in the ramp area.

All pictures contributed by Ollie Maier, execpt as otherwise noted.
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