Air to Air Refueling

The Barksdale Crew

Pictures by Steve Dean

Steve Dean writes:

"Refueling four-ship-flight X-C from Barkdsdale AFB, La. to Sheppard AFB, Tx.  I'm guessing around 1972.  We were in the 47th Tactical Fighter Sq of the 917th AFRES Wing.  The tanker was a Texas Air National Guard bird from Dallas Naval Air Station."

14_Cockpit_2.JPG (30933 bytes)
09_Refuel_2.JPG (21557 bytes)

KC-97.  Four props, two jets.

10_Refuel_3.JPG (27650 bytes) Boom extended.  Looks like the boomer wants to keep us far away!
Fantastic detail in Steve's photography.  This is a blowup of the picture above.  Note the boomer's face in the window. 10_boomer.JPG (18448 bytes)
12_Refuel_5.JPG (27030 bytes) The technique was to put some curve in the hose to give yourself some maneuvering room.

On the right wing.

13_Refuel_6.JPG (23846 bytes)
07_SteveByF37.JPG (31396 bytes)

Steve Dean and the F-37!

Thanks for the pics Steve.  Good Work!

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