The "Rapmobile" has a write-up in the November 2000 issue of the "AIR FORCE Magazine.  Check out page 60 to see 2 pictures of the activities for a Champagne Flight.  The color photo is by Cort Durocher via Robert F. Dorr.

    The Webmaster is trying to get the publisher's permission to show the page on the A-37 Association site.   In the meantime, enjoy the notoriety.  I have picked up many a book in a bookstore that had a title something like "All the World's Combat Aircraft" or "Combat Aircraft of the USAF" and not found a single mention of the A-37 Dragonfly in it.  It is very nice to see a full page write up of this aspect of the A-37 program.  Apparently, we had the best "Escort of Champagne Flights" in Viet Nam.

Dennis Selvig