Missing Buddies, Friends, and Contacts

Updated March 4, 2007

Looking for Glen Hangca

Crew chief on A37 Bien Hoa 67-68. Came from Edwards AFB prior to going overseas. I knew him from the 6515 OMS at Edwards. He went to A37s and Bien Hoa, I went to F105s at Korat Thailand. I believe Glen was from Hawaii.

Contact: Frank Snyder cz105@ca.rr.com


Miss Mai

Rap Barmaid

Believed to be in the Victorville CA, area.

Contact: John and Carol Lamb at dalambos@comcast.net

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Jerry Maclean2.JPG (99490 bytes)

Jerry MacLean

With the 604th ACS since the beginning Of Project Combat Dragon at England AFB May 1967. Airman First Class.  This picture was taken outside the barracks at Bien Hoa early 1968 after tet. He was in maintenance I believe. Left Bien Hoa July 1968. Lived somewhere in the eastern part of the country. Last heard from him, he was working for D C transit. That was in 1969. One excellent guitar player.

Contact Chuck Beaver
at dchuckdianeg@msn.com



Contact the webmaster DSelvig@gmail.com with information about the missing buddy.  Dennis will post the info to the web site the following weekend.

A picture is not necessary.  If possible, include some facts which would remind other members about the person.  Where they worked, where you had last contact, and so forth.

Members who locate a missing buddy will email the contact person.