Bien Hoa Diary

For many people associated with the A-37, memories involve Bien Hoa Air Base, Republic of South Viet Nam.  In the photo below, you can see the our quarters on the left and the squadron buildings and ramp area on the right.   This is an enlargement of a photo taken out the nose of an A-37 by John Lamb.

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Life around the Hootch could involve good friends, some Bud, and a fire plug?

  Pictured are Maurice O'Connell (Rap Intel), unknown, Jim Pueppke, Jim Gledhill (with camera), A.D. Holt, John Bradley, and Buddy Bell.


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The "Rapskeller"

  Lambo gets pointed out in the bar!


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The flying was the best part. 

Rob Gunn saddles up.


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At the end of the tour, pilots got a "Champagne Flight."

  The best part was after the flight.  Here, Lambo closes in on the "Rapmobile."


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  Nothing is quite as refreshing at the end of a long combat tour as a good cold shower, courtesy of the fire department.

All pictures on this page contributed by Lambo.