Bien Hoa Diary #14


Byron Hukee

"Formatin' with the Sandies"

Byron sent the following email one day.

   Denny, I think we have met in our deep and dark past. Were you with the Raps when I was there flying Skyraiders on alert from NKP? If not, maybe you were at Alex in A-7?

    Any hoo, I think you guys need a good quality pic that I took of A-37s imbedded in my A-1 two ship. I took several, and would be happy to send you some nice high res versions for your website. The photo is especialy poignant since the name S. Gravrock is clearly visible on one of the Dragonflys. I know that he was one of the many KIAs in the A-37.  I took the photo after coordinating with Nick Nicolai and his wingie, Jaques Tuiller.


So I figure, it's going to be the usual picture.  A couple days later I open another email from "Hook."

Sure enough,  we have a nice picture of the Dargonflys closing up on the A-1 flight.  Standard - standard, right? 37_on_wing.jpg (44889 bytes)

But then . . . . .


Now that's a great formation!

37_formating.jpg (49823 bytes)

And then Hook says, "I have a picture in high resolution if you like?"

I like, I like.  Go ahead and send it!

So then I open another email and. . . . .

    Hook sends a beautiful hi-resolution picture.  Unfortunately, the picture was published  in the print media without authorization and was not credited to HookThe picture to the left is a low resolution copy.

       If you would like the original hi-resolution picture, contact Hook at his web site below.

    Outstanding pic Hook!

    I can see the paint chips, the dents.   It really takes me back to the moment.

    Notice how Nick and John even have their rotating beacons synched.  Those two
could always formate better than anybody!!!   ;)

    Thanks for the pics.  Superb work!

   Visit Hook's "Skyraider" web site, for more.