Bien Hoa Diary #15

Snake School, Partying, Flying -- the Whole 9 Yards!


Murrell Porter

Enroute to Southeast Asia, most of us had to go to snake school.  It was a interesting experience to say the least

mp01Jungle Hand Washing.JPG (57376 bytes) Lt Murrel Porter.

First, we scrub.

MP02LET'S GET THE FIRE GOING.JPG (57568 bytes) Then we get the fire going.
MP03NICE COOK OUT.JPG (57156 bytes) Have a little cookout.
mp06It's Dinner Time.JPG (51382 bytes) Murrel gets some hands-on experience.
mp07Everyone Needs a Drink.JPG (60280 bytes) A few guys get together for a drink.
mp04Local Resident.JPG (54610 bytes) A local resident with his "transportation."
mp05We Survived this Jungle.JPG (46158 bytes) The "Resort" area.

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