Bien Hoa Diary #15

Snake School, Partying, Flying -- the Whole 9 Yards!

mp21Bien Hoa Flightline.JPG (17913 bytes) The Flight Line
Home sweet home. mp23Home of the Raps.JPG (39482 bytes)
mp25A-37 in Revetment.JPG (44919 bytes) The "Smallest Fighter, Fastest Gun."
8th Attack Jet. mp27A-37 Parked.JPG (33475 bytes)
mp31A-37 Changing Lead.jpg (76803 bytes) Changing lead.
Cross under. mp33A-37 Crossunder.jpg (69028 bytes)
mp35A-37 Tuck It In.jpg (76658 bytes) Tuck it in.
Two's in. mp37A-37 Two's In.jpg (79937 bytes)
mp41Low Level Route.jpg (28293 bytes) Cruising low level.
Con Son mp43Cruising Con Son.jpg (26596 bytes)
mp43Cruising Con Son 2.jpg (32429 bytes) Con Son up close!

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