Bien Hoa Diary #3

Photos from Bob Macaluso's Photo Album


Bob's Office.

Home of the RAPS!

Bien Hoa Air Base
Republic of South Viet Nam

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BobOffice[s.JPG (47233 bytes)

Bob's OTHER office.


First Lt. Bob Macaluso and his bird.

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BobStatic[s.JPG (38982 bytes)

Static Display.

CortChampagne[s.JPG (45787 bytes)

Cort Durocher returning from his champagne flight.

"RapMobile" pilot, unknown.

The "RapMobile" was an Army "Mule" covered with plywood.  Oscar Duck wings and napalm cans for tip tanks made up the wingline.  The tail could be authentic Cessa original.