Bien Hoa Diary #4

Photos by Bob Mead

A-37Flyover2[s.JPG (37651 bytes)

A-37's in Diamond Formation

Bob caught this unique image during a flyover at Bien Hoa in September or October of 1970.  This could be the closing out of the 90th Squadron "Dice" or the 604th "Raps."  The Raps and the Dice converged to become the 8Th Attack Squadron and we didn't know if we were supposed to be "Daps" or "Rice" from that point on.


A-37&Bob[s.JPG (71210 bytes)

Bob Mead

Bob contributed a dozen pics from his collection.  He served at Bien Hoa during 1969 and 1970.  His photography is excellent and the Association really appreciates his contributions!


A-37&CrewChiefs[s.JPG (59999 bytes)

"This is one of the first A-37Bs that we got.  I'm standing by the intake.The airman operating the AGE equipment is Trumppie."


Crewchiefs1[s.JPG (80199 bytes)

The "Day Room"

"This one is in the day room at the barracks. A lot of good times happened there. That is Robbie Robertson on the right with the "Bud".  Purify? holding the "Bud"in the air.  That looks like Tom McCallum's form with the Gin on the left."


A-37&A1-E[s.JPG (69472 bytes)

A-37 and A1-E at night.

"This one four A1E'S that stayed over one night. I can still hear the sound of the engines as they taxied in."


OldFlightlineShack[s.JPG (58642 bytes)

Score One for Charlie

An old flight line shack took a rocket hit.


A-37Loaded[s.JPG (69423 bytes)

Rap Revenge

They may hit our flight line shack.  But then they have to face this!


A-37Return[s.JPG (45292 bytes)

Coming Back From a Mission


Robie&Pilot[s.JPG (58422 bytes)

Robbie and Pilot

A good Crew Chief refuels the plane with JP-4 and the pilot with a cold Coke.

We can't ID the pilot.  Anybody have an idea?


U-2[s.JPG (29254 bytes)

Big Brother is Watching You!

"You knew when this one took off, it was so loud."