Bien Hoa Diary #5

by Dennis Selvig

    Have you ever encountered something that brought you right back to some place you were at almost 30 years ago?  Many of the pictures on this web site do that for me and you both, but the picture below came from another site.  I was surfing for "Bien Hoa" and found the first photo below.

    It shows an A-37 alright, but look through the back of the alert pad shelter.  There is a C-7 sitting on the runway, down on the left side.  I was in the 604th Squadron building when we got the word that a C-7 was going to be coming in with the left main gear up.  I went outside to see.

    The fire department was foaming the runway to let the "Boo" slide along without grinding up the plane too bad.   The pilot came in and did a nice job of setting her down on the foam.  As the plane slowed the pilot couldn't keep her straight and she turned to the left and stopped.   The passengers came out the tailgate and ran like they thought it was going to blow up.  Very fortunate that nobody got run over by the fire trucks who were responding.   You can see one of the trucks in the photo to the left of the "Boo."

    I wrote Raymond Morgan, who took the photos and had them on his page of the web site.  His response:


Got your E-Mail. The web is really something I've had these photos put up for near 30 years.  After I sent them to the VSPA web site I've had several E-Mails about them. I never thought I would ever get one from some one who was there and saw the same thing.  I will send you a copy of the photo in a day or two, I have to get the wife to find them again since she is the one who filed them away.  I will send them in a TIFF format.  If you need them in another type format let me now.

Welcome Home

Raymond Morgan

A-37bMorgan.jpg (84473 bytes)

    If anybody wants to claim to be the pilot in this picture, let us know.  It's a 604th bird and this took place in 1970.  He could be returning to the pad because he is off the side of the taxiway on the apron of the pad,   the pad seems to be empty, and he has no munitions on the wing.


A-37aMorgan.jpg (44301 bytes)

    Raymond's photo here is also of the pad area.   Things look a little more normal in it.

    The web site where I found the photo is made by the guys who guarded us at Bien Hoa. 

The 3rd Air Police Squadon.  

Raymond's page is here.  Thanks for the memories Raymond and Welcome Home!