Bien Hoa Diary #6

"Working the Night Shift (Page 1)"
by Perry Ellison

    Perry contributed a stack of pictures from his days at Bien Hoa.  There are 2 pages of his pics (Page 2).   Thanks Perry for your excellent contribution!

    He worked the night shift and the alert pad, also hung out with Bob Mead (see Bob's pics at Bien Hoa Diary #4)

    Perry's comments (and most evident sense of humor) are in quotes.

Perry_truck.JPG (86231 bytes)

Perry Ellison in his "Favorite" place.

"Purifoy was the primary expedite driver (in the step van) and I was his backup. He liked driving that damn thing, whereas I didn't care for being bantered by job control all the time. (GIVE ME AN ETIC GIVE ME AN ETIC they would always be saying)  . They were so NOSEY :^)"

Perry_Bike.JPG (69535 bytes) "Purifoy is in the picture here,,,about to kiss the dog. The black guy behind him (sitting down) was Jarmin,,,and the guy right in front of him was Stewart,,,I think?  Things get hazy ya know.  I don't remember the SMSgts name but I do remember that he used to pinch my cheeks sometimes. Mainly when I would be complaining about something. :^)"
"Bob Mead and I also bummed around because he was even more of a camera buff than myself. He's the one on the left. You wouldn't happen to know if these guys are still around someplace? No big deal, but I would at least like to know that they are alive and well."

Picured here is Bob Mead (with the dog), Perry Ellison, and Darnel Brooks. 

Perry and Bob got in contact with each other again through the web site!

"Don't know how long Bob and I will keep up the correspondence but it has been good while it has lasted. He even sent me a little quick movie clip. He just said "Hi Perry, how ya doin" which took all of 3 seconds long,,but even that was 1/2 MB so guess he didn't want to clog up my email. I've only played it about 30 times so far. One time for each year, that I haven't seen him. I put a picture of the way he was 30 years ago in the background and then click on the movie,,and it's like TWILIGHT ZONE,,,thirty years blows by in a nanosecond,,,,,and the face is a different,,the hair goes from black to gray,,,,,,BUT the voice is still the same. AMAZING,,,,again. I'm easily amazed I guess. LOL."

Perry_3plus_dog.JPG (25921 bytes)
Perry_Kid.JPG (63116 bytes) Perry_club.JPG (24218 bytes)
"PERRY aka  SSGT ELLISON   (the guy kneeling next to the little fellow there at the NCO club) (top left picture)  I don't remember if he was a midget or just a boy, but they were there, at the club, that night singing that song " ROLLING ON THE RIVER" but they couldn't pronounce river so they always said REEVER.  Will never forget that. Thanks again, for bringing back some memories.  And again,,let me know if you need more pictures."

Perry and four of his close personal friends.

"Here's one of me,,,a lonely guy in the barracks, just hoping one of his girlie pictures will come to life. Feel free to dub in some background pictures of Mickey Mouse or something else,,if these girls are too crude looking."

Perry_4friends.JPG (31194 bytes)

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