Bien Hoa Diary #6

"Working the Night Shift (Page 2)"
by Perry Ellison

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"Ah yes, the flight shack.

It is at this point when the night shift troops find out just how much work the day shift DIDN'T do,,but yet milked,, just long enough so that the night shift could deal with it. (I was night shift,,,does the prejudice show?) 6 PM to 6 AM,, 6 frickin days a week. BRUTAL. Was so glad to finally get to work the pad during the last few months."

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"Here is one of the alert pad.

Ah yes, just 24 hours on but THEN 24 hours OFF. Now THAT was almost tolerable. The Airmen hung out in the left hut, and the officers in the right. There was a kitchen in-between (If I remember correctly) Pretty nice, most of the time, except when that RED phone rang."

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Scramble Launch!

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Well,,crap,,,that thought of what you maybe flew,,back in those days,,got me thinking about this picture, left corner. Was that possibly you, in the A-37?????  I remember taking that picture right BEFORE throwing up. Not really, but I sure wish I knew about Dramamine,,or however you spell that motion sickness drug.
Perry_Bob_ChowHall.JPG (42951 bytes) Bob and Perry in the Chow Hall.
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The "Resort" area at Bien Hoa.

Not all of the scenery around the place was bad.

"Our mamason maid. She used to work her butt off for pennies. I collected $5 MPC a head (maybe 20 guys).  But I guess $100 a month was pretty good money to her. She sure earned it. She washed/ironed at least one set of fatigues for each guy every day. That's not counting underwear, socks, ect ect. She earned her pay I think."

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