25,000 Sorties!

By Bill Dunnington

25SIGN[S.JPG (36220 bytes) "The pictures I am sending are from the 25,000th mission flown in the spring of 1969.  I do not know the exact date.  This would be about 21 months from the time the RAPS arrived in Vietnam for the test period."
Bill Dunnington after signing the Form I for the flight. 25BILL_D[S.JPG (40519 bytes)
25FORMS[S.JPG (29413 bytes) "Col Howard Lane, 3rd TAC Fighter Wind Commander, and Lt Col David Auld Jr, 604 Special Operations Squadron Commander flew the mission."
25PREFLIGHT[S.JPG (31867 bytes)

The preflight.

Chocks Out! 25CHOCKS[S.JPG (35266 bytes)
25TAXI[S.JPG (22922 bytes)

Returning home.

This was a milestone for an outstanding bird.   The Dragonfly and the people who worked with her were to set many more milestones.

Thanks for the pics Bill.  Good work!