Bien Hoa Diary #8

Pictures and comments

MSgt Richard Dutcher, USAF (Ret)

    I was assigned to the 8th SOS as an A1C from 12 Dec 71 to 14 Nov 72--when the aircraft were finally turned-over to the VNAF and the pilots were sent home and the squadron returned to stateside.

    The First Sergeant at that time was MSgt Stevic (home somewhere around Minot, ND).

    The Admin Officer was Capt Brumbelow (home in Alabama?). 

    The Commanders: Col Ledbetter ( ??? - May 72).  Col Weed (May 72 - Nov 72)

    I'm enclosing some pictures that I have kept. I just scanned them in.

Dutcher.JPG (19937 bytes)

Dutcher returning to the hootch.

crewchief.JPG (19793 bytes) Crew chief in the revetments.
A-37.JPG (14797 bytes)

Airborne shot of the bird over Vietnam.

BienHoa[S.JPG (184649 bytes)

Scan from a pamphlet/handout given to new arrivals in 1971,explaining how busy the airport is and some of the local customs.

8th SOS.JPG (17417 bytes)

8th SOS -- Squadron Patch

Zip.JPG (8086 bytes)

Zip -- Squadron "mascot"

aka "Zip, the ball-less wonder dog".

Afat-6[S.JPG (62048 bytes)

Air Force Advisory Team #6 had a bar.

Seated (L to R) are MSgt Warren Hammaker (Intel NCO), TSgt Dan Brannan (Life Support), A1C Rick Dutcher (Admin).

Thank you for the oustanding pictures.  I'm sure this will bring back memories for many of us! 

Good work and Welcome Home!