Email from a Close Air Support Customer

Dear Sir,

I found your site (A-37.org) in the AF Times and have enjoyed looking around. My memories of the A-37 are brief as I only saw them in action one time. I was at Kontum Air Field from '67-'68 and remember that the MACV compound not far from us came under attack at 'high noon' one day. I can't remember if it was during Tet 1968 or the mini-Tet we had about May of that same year. It caught everyone flatfooted. All our aircraft (UH1B/C and H's) were on missions and after the ground fighting went on for awhile some A-37's appeared and the fight was over. I remember the CBU's that they dropped made a heck of a racket. I never did find out if those birds were USAF or VNAF but they sure did a number on the bad guys.

Best wishes for you and the others involved; I'm glad people like yourself are keeping sites like this going.

Bryan Waltz
57th Assault Helicopter Co.
Kontum RVN, 1967-1968

Reply from Dennis


WELCOME HOME! You did a great job over there, glad you survived it and got back home OK. We are proud of you!

Your letter is really special and I would like your permission to put it on the web site please. I'll keep your email address off unless you want that to be on the page too.

There is a chance that one of our members might remember this mission. We flew out of Bien Hoa, but during Tet we went all over the place. I was there during '70 and went up as far as Cambodia. Of course, like you say, it could be the VNAF.

Thanks for sending this letter in and please authorize us to put it on the site! I'm forwarding it on to our contact person and am sure he will do backflips over it like I am.

Dennis Selvig
Webmaster, A-37 Association

Reply from Ollie


As contact person for our A-37 Association, Dennis Selvig (our web-master) forwarded to me the message you had sent him regarding the A-37s helping out at Kontum. Your mentioning the town brought back memories for me as during Tet I was flying out of Pleiku and know I had at least one mission to help you guys there out... however it was at night so know it wasn't the one you were talking about. I may have flown others in support but I don't really remember (I flew over 500missions in the one year I was there)... and the list I kept of where I flew the missions to has gotten misplaced in my several moves since.

In our Association, we put together booklets to sell, each volume with a number of stories written by the members. The story of my mission over Kontum at night is in one of these booklets. If you would like and will send me your post-office address, I will copy that story and send it to you... along with a few of our past newsletters so you will learn a little more about us. (Heck, later if you write up your impressions, as someone on the ground, of the A-37 mission you described, I'll include it in our next volume and you'll get a copy of it free.)

Take care,
Ollie Maier