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An APC was received in a trade for something unknown with the 101st Airborne by Crew Chief George Follis.
He had it for a few weeks before he got caught and had to return it. John Serlet inside.
John Serlet’s hero pose in the barracks just prior to the Tet Offensive in ’68
Above the clouds. Heading to Thailand for R&R 1971
Final check prior to takeoff
Fearless Mascot “Rap”
Enlisted Quarters Bar
Squadron “AD Man”, Crewchiefs: SGT Tommy Spiritu and SGT Montgomery
Anxiously waiting for the “Freedom Bird”
End of runway check
Left to Right: Shattuck, (Unknown), Jim Puepdke, Van Sickle, (Unknown), Art
(“Baby San!”)
Tom McCallum
Bien Hoa Airbase ’69-’70
Bien Hoa Airbase ’69-’70