A-37's Down Under

By Peter Pring-Shambler

Peter writes,


All aircraft we have in Australia are A37 B's, they were all recovered from Ben Hoi airbase in 1989. We have bought out a total of 10 aircraft, 6 remain in Aust, 4 have gone to the US. One is flying in Montana, restored by us then sent over.  Three have just left, two going to Florida and one to Pheonix AZ. In Aust., two flying( the two in the pic ) three under resto., one with me, two with Pay's Air Service ( we all work together ). I will get a list of serial numbers to all the aircraft and send to you.


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Just "Show'in Off"

Doing what the Dragonfly does best.  Acrobatics!

Peter is involved with rebuilding A-37's from Bien Hoa.   They are a little unusual, A-37/B's with no refueling probe.  We didn't want the VNAF to have the range to go on the offensive with these birds, so we delivered them without the probe. Dlo2[s.JPG (27685 bytes)
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A couple ramp shots.

Yes, the tip tanks are a little different than what we remember! All33[s.JPG (40012 bytes)
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Undergoing serious surgery.

Airborne once again!

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