Active Duty A-37's

Guatemalan Air Force

Pictures and text by
Alejandro Barillas

GtA37bs.jpg (44248 bytes) This photo was taken on December 9th 2000, on the Air Force commemorative day.
GtA37FORMACIONS.JPG (30418 bytes)
GtA37PC7s.JPG (10493 bytes) A picture of one A-37 flying in close formation with one PC-7 Pilatus, the other battle horse in the Guatemalan Air Force.
GtVolcano.JPG (41648 bytes) Beautiful picture taken over two of the major volacanoes here in Guatemala, the "Volcan de Agua" right below the A-37and the "Volcan de Fuego" in the background
GtA376401s.JPG (34079 bytes)

Thank you Alejandro!  It is good to see the Dragonfly still doing her duty.