A-37B Model Aircraft

by Roland Kallai, from Hungary

Pictures by Gabriella Friss

   In June, Roland emailed Dennis Selvig to ask about the colors of the tanks, gear wells, weapons, and so forth.  He said he was working on a model and needed some information.  His work turned out to be this amazing model of an A-37B.  He is a superb modeler and we are fortunate to have these pictures he sent to us.

MdMirror.JPG (42013 bytes) Roland did a wonderful job of creating this Dragonfly model aircraft.  The FM antennas, insignia, shoulder harness, refueling boom, intake screens, ...... everything is done in detail!
MdTop.JPG (41412 bytes) Gabriella's excellent photography captured this bird.  Ready to be preflighted and flown!
MdCockpit.JPG (43109 bytes) Complete, right down to her ribbon, gunsight, and air refueling light.
MdWing.JPG (28174 bytes) The pylons are loaded and ready.  Notice the wing fueling port, wingtip lens, even the arming wires.

    Many thanks to Rolland and Gabriella for sending us these pictures.  A lot of work and dedication went in to this project.  You did a beautiful job!