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The A-37 Association will dedicate a plaque at the Air Force Academy Vietnam Pavillion on 7 June 2016. We plan to camp out at the airport Radisson, and have a group dinner that night.

We have a bus set up from the Radisson and that makes things real easy, as some folks do not have that magic ID card that the old farts have, and security is fairly tight at the main gate.  There might be a way to get in thru the South Gate if we coord with the AoG folks like we did back in 2011 when we came up with the idea of a plaque.

Our registration form is here.  If problems, then download, print and mail or attach the "saved as" file to:

USAFA Plaque Registration Form

The following PIREP from Boy Wonder ( aka Pat McAdoo), as he is a snowbird and spends every summer up there in the high country.
I highly recommend the Radisson.

Radisson Airport

My bride and I stay there every year when we have an early launch from the airport to Florida and also to get an early start when driving back home in October. The place has a neat bar and grill, has real meals for dinner, good breakfast buffet, etc.  You get a free drink coupon and free breakfast coupon for every day.  Best of all, we have negotiated a super dooper rate!!
   The rates go up in late April and peak out in June about $40 per night higher than what we will get using the promo code  "A37" .

About 200 feet from the motel entrance (same distance as from room 112 to the lobby, heh heh) is the Airplane Restaurant. Although the basic KC-97 holds about 40 folks, the main eating areas are comfortable and can handle well over a hundred folks.  The place has great sandwiches and a decent dinner menu. It has thousands of pictures and lottsa aviation memorabilia.  Highly recommended for a late lunch after our ceremony and for early arrivals/late departures.

The Airplane

That's my story, and I am sticking to it.

Here's the plaque we shall dedicate:


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