ShawFest 2000

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By Dennis Selvig

    The A-37's older cousin, the T-37 put in an appearance at "ShawFest 2000", held at Shaw AFB, SC in November.  There was a crowd of 80,000.  There were Stealth Fighters, F-16's, Tankers, and of course the USAF Thunderbirds.  I hope you enjoy the Show!

Sw_t37.jpg (20406 bytes)

The T-37 attracted interest.

Not a LOT of interest.

Sw_kc97.jpg (25219 bytes)

I remember refueling off a KC-97.

But there was a little more to it.

SW_TBIRD_TO.JPG (23383 bytes)

It's always special to see the Thunderbirds!

SW_TBIRD_ZOOM.JPG (28190 bytes)

T-Birds in Arrowhead formation.

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