ShawFest Page 2

SW_F16_BOMB.JPG (20736 bytes)

F-16's from Shaw put on an attack demo.

SW_CENTAF.JPG (26001 bytes)

If you become the CENTAF Commander, they give you one of these.

Sw_f15.jpg (34439 bytes)

F-15 from the 27TFS, 1TFW, Langley AFB, VA.

It was my priviledge to fly with this Squadron.   They trace their roots back to WWI.

SW_F15_STEPS.JPG (48102 bytes)

I need to warn you about the F-15 boarding ladder.  There is a little button at the top of the steps that releases the ladder.  If you push that button, you should be standing to the side.

The ladder falls out fast and if you are standing in front of it you will become a saprano real quick!

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