Email from"Sundog 21."

The High FAC on Michael Blassie's last mission.

It is OK with me if you want to use my e-mail.
Bob Goree

Dennis Selvig wrote:
> Dear Bob,
> Thank you for you email. It is very, very moving! May I put it on the web site please. I'm sure it would be good for all of us to hear what you say. Thanks for telling what you saw, and thanks for what you did!
> Dennis Selvig

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> Hi Dennis,
> My name is Bob Goree, AKA Sundog 21. I was a Sundog from 6/71 until 6/72.
> I just left your web page and found it extremely well done and it brought back a world of memories for me. I can't tell you how many missions that I worked you guys both in Cambodia and at An Loc, but it was a lot. I read the article on Michael Blassie and found it very compelling. Maybe that is what moves me to write this e-mail.

> On May 11, 1972, I was the high fac handling all incoming fighters and handing them off to two other Sundog's working either side of the road at An Loc. Michael was making a curvilinear pass for soft ordinance when I saw him taking Massive tracer fire from a 23. Most of the rounds were in the cockpit area. He then rolled over and hit the ground. He was being worked at the time by Capt. Barry Almond who was killed less than an hour later. At the debrief, I was asked if I could be 100% certain that he couldn't have gotten out. My answer was that I pretty sure he never got out but with the ground fire and strikes going on I couldn't be 100%.

> All of us who were there know what an outstanding job that the Rap's and Hawk's did in putting ordinance on target. I can't tell how many of our Cambodian friends were saved by you guys. I never got the chance to say thanks before so I salute you and all who flew the A-37.

> Bob Goree