A-37 Attack on Tan Son Nhut

by Dennis Selvig

    One of the lesser known facts of the fall of Saigon in 1975 was the attack on Tan Son Nhut airport by A-37's.  Jack Drummond (an A-37 IP that I knew from Alex) witnessed this attack and told me about it several years later.   He was working at MAC-Thai in Bangkok during 1975 and flew to Tan Son Nhut to brief VNAF pilots on procedures to evacuate their aircraft to Thailand.

    Fortunately, Jack was on the opposite side of the runway from the cargo planes that the Dragonflys were targeting.  He told me that he was sure it was our students flying the aircraft because they were flying "Just like we taught them."  Turn base, final, good dive angle, pickle, pull-up, power up, and turn crosswind.  However; according to the VNAF.NET account, it wasn't flown by our students.

    Check out the links below and see for yourself.   VNAF.NET is a large site with many pictures of A-37s and other VNAF aircraft.

Link to VNAF.NET story on the attack.

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