Contributed Photos 3

Non denominational church -Bien Hoa Air Base. November 1968

US Army tents/bunkers at Bien Hoa Air Base – Courtesy of Craig Bailey

A-37 Dragonfly takeoff circa 1968 – Courtesy of Craig Bailey

Library at Bien Hoa Air Base 1968

Mess Hall at Bien Hoa Air Base 1968

T-37 formation Perrin AFB 1968

A-37A Mini Gun located on RH side of the nose compartment

Second floor view of the Airman’s barracks – ’69-’70

A-37A tail #EK 532, Pilot Capt. George Darrough, CC Sgt Tom McCallum

Sunrise at Bien Hoa Air Base 1969

Airman’s Club – Bien Hoa Air Base ’69-’70

Headquarters 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing

Denny Hermerding driving the Rapmobile,
Lambo and Oke (Maury O’Connell), at Lambo’s fini flight, June 21, 1971
Jerry Sailors
Bien Hoa Orphanage 1970
Bien Hoa 1970
Gary “Snuffy” White
Bien Hoa Airbase ’70-’71

Don Clark Bien Hoa ’69-’70
Party Time with PBR – Don Clark (Crew Chief A37A)