Contributed Photos

604 SOS
Bien Hoa Air Base ’69-’70
Sam Sunseri
Bien Hoa Airbase ’69-’70
Crew Chiefs
Gary Outman, Fransisco Barraza, Tom McCallum, Sam Sunseri, Robinson, Paul Kirsch, Preston Edwards
Bien Hoa Airbase ’69-’70
Open Revetment (EK532)
Bien Hoa Airbase ’69-’70
Covered Revetment
Bien Hoa Airbase ’69-’70
Aftermath of mortar attack on Rap Inn
Bien Hoa Airbase ’69-’70
T37 Flight Line at Perrin Air Force Base
Sherman, TX ’67-’69
Enlisted Barracks
Bien Hoa Airbase ’69-’70
Station Closed due to motor attack
Bien Hoa Airbase ’69-’70
Dragonfly #345 (Background Aircraft) lost with Pilot 1st Lt. Michael Blassie May 11, 1972, South Vietnam
Bien Hoa Airbase ’70-’71
(Lou Gonzalez)
A.D. Holt
Bien Hoa Airbase ’70-’71
Tom McCallum
Bien Hoa Airbase ’69-’70
Damage due to ground fire
South Vietnam ’70-’71
Hybrid T37/A37 on display in Franklin, PA late 1960’s
USAF 42737
A37A Instrument Panel
Military Payment Currency 1970
Vietnam Currency 1970
Lou Gonzalez with Pilot Captain Shattuck
Heavenly Flight (Tailand R&R)
Initial cadre gathered together celebrating their last flight prior to leaving Bien Hoa for home
Group celebration of last flight prior to leaving Bien Hoa for home
604th Air Commando SQ Fighter
Officers Barracks
Bob McIntosh
John Gay suited up for another mission
Fish eye photo of the A37 heading into combat
Terminal at Tan Son Nhut
Lon Holtz
Sign in the Rapskeller bar
Champagne flight with Rap Mobile in foreground
Scramble Hawk 1 (EK 348)
Bien Hoa Airbase ’70-’71
Waiting for next customer
Bien Hoa Airbase ’70-’71
John Bradley
Bien Hoa Airbase ’70-’71
Staff Sgt Denny Dalton at “Crewchiefs” bar ’70-’71